Windows Hosting

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$ 4.89   / Month
    2.40 GHz CPU

    Single Domain

    Unlimited Disk Space

    Unlimited Email Address

    1 TB Guaranteed Bandwidth

Business Plus

$ 6.89   / Month
    2.40 GHz CPU

    4 Domain

    Unlimited Disk Space

    Unlimited Email Address

    2 TB Guaranteed Bandwidth


$ 7.89   / Month
    2.40 GHz CPU

    9 Domain

    Unlimited Disk Space

    Unlimited Email Address

    3 TB Guaranteed Bandwidth

Windows Shared Hosting


Experts with excellent experience have designed our hosting architecture to deliver performance, reliability, scalability, redundancy and stability. Our Windows servers are high powered Dell servers with Juniper switches. Our customized architecture is ideally suited for businesses of various sizes.

Control Panel

Plesk Panel is the most powerful control panel that we provide with all our Windows hosting plans. You can easily create and manage your Cheap Windows Web Hosting package using the best hosting management solution in the market without any additional cost.


We provide free and unlimited POP3 and IMAP email accounts along with our Windows shared hosting plans. We also provide a sleek and easy to navigate webmail interface that can be used for official business communication.

One-click installs

Our Windows hosting plans are coupled with Parallels Scripts that provides easy one click access to more than 300 applications and scripts including ASP, ASP.NET, PHP, MSSQL and MYSQL. Now, you can create the most advanced professional website without spending a lot of time in developing web elements.


We constantly strive to introduce new technologies to ensure maximum security for our web services. All our communication and data are encrypted with FTP over SSL to ensure that information doesn't fall into wrong hands.

Secure Shell Access

SSH access is bundled with our Windows shared hosting to enable you to mange files, execute commands and operate your hosting system from a remote computer using an encrypted channel. We strongly recommend that you enable SSH on ResellerClub Windows Hosting to ensure maximum flexibility and security.

Windows Web Hosting Plans

Web Hosting Specifications

  • Dual 2.40GHz Xeon Processor
  • 250GB RAID 1 OS Drive
  • 24GB RAM
  • MySQL 5
  • Apache 2.2x
  • Free DNS Management
  • PHP 5.3x, 5.4x, Perl, Python
  • 1TB Cached Customer Drive
  • Ruby On Rails
  • Secure FTP Access
  • Online eMail Address Book
  • Advance Spam/Virus Protection
  • Hotlink & Leech Protection

Why We Are Your Best Choice ?

All round customer care support

Here, we offer customer support round the clock. Our staff is trained and have knowledge of solving all queries related to any technology.

Customized hosting

Our experts show complete understanding of your business and offer solutions as per your choices and specifications. You can choose the configuration you like and purchase the exact hosting plan.

Money back guarantee

Yes, we have a money back guarantee in case you aren’t satisfied with our services. If you are dissatisfied with our services, you can claim your money back within 30 days.

Sound technical team

Our technical team is knowledgeable and professional. It can help you in all technologies and equipments easily.

Backup systems are highly reliable

We make sure that your site is never down. Our backup systems are completely reliable and so, there is no disturbance whatsoever. There are no worries of servers being broken down.

99.9% Uptime Guarantee

We guarantee 99.99% uptime guarantee for your website with stable performance. Our data center is equipped with state of the art data servers using cutting edge technologies to ensure high quality webhosting services for all our customers.

Linux Shared Hosting

  • 2.40 GHz CPU
  • Single Domain
  • Unlimited Disk Space
  • Unlimited Email Address
  • 1 TB Guaranteed Bandwidth

Starts at $5.50/month

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Also termed Windows server hosting, basically, this is a web server which has Windows OS running on it. It is used by multiple owners on multiple sites. Hence, if you are looking for cheap Windows web hosting, this is the best solution.