Between TCP Host (herein referred to as 'Parent') and you (herein referred to as 'Customer').

By entering into this agreement as a legal entity or on behalf of a company, you agree that you have the authority to bind to the terms and conditions.

Whereas the patent provides products and services And whereas customer purchases the products and servers.

Products and services refer to all kinds of parent products and servers that are provided, sold or rendered. Service providers refer to single or collective juridical persons, concern, company, enterpricse, corporation, individual, firm, institute, organization, institution, person, trust, society or any other legal entity of parent can directly or indirectly employ, engage, outsource, provision, contract, purchase products or services associated with the operations of the parent.

The customer can buy different parent products and services under this agreement, by presenting all the information in a manner or form required by the customer product agreement. The customer agrees to abide by the terms and conditions of the website that can be changed at will of the parent.

The parent is obliged to provide updated version of this agreement through the parent website or customer control panel. The customer is obligated to provide, update, and maintain current and accurate information for various data elements. All written communications must be sent to parent in the form of electronic, paper or microfilm depending on the circumstances. The customer agrees not to interact with or act on behalf of any prohibited person or entity.

The customer warrants that every clause of agreement is ready thoroughly and understood. The customer guarantees that he is not a prohibited person or acting on behalf of any prohibited entity. Parent reserves the rights to modify, update or change parent products and services at any time.